Pre-Complaint Services

There is a phase, before an individual has been arrested but after they are being held in custody, when police question the person of interest. They often attempt to lure people into speaking with them without an attorney present. Instead of relying on their goodwill, contact Attorney Chris Noriega. His competent and effective representation will help you successfully navigate the legal system before an arrest or trial has even begun. 

Trial Lawyer 

Attorney Noriega is an effective and successful trial lawyer with decades of experience. Part of being a trial lawyer involves reviewing documents and interviewing witnesses in order to assemble a convincing case. As a former marine and bail bondsman, Attorney Noriega is invested with the value of discipline and thoroughness – and has no problem speaking to anyone, from any walk of life. 


In addition, a successful criminal lawyer will have an encyclopedic knowledge of the relevant criminal codes. Attorney Noriega has handled cases involving attempted murder, carjacking, gang cases, attempted rape, sexual assault, child molestation, false imprisonment, assault with great bodily injury (GBI), domestic violence, resisting arrest, battery on a police officer, grand theft, burglary, robbery, embezzlement, possession with intent to sell, and DUIs just to name a few. There’s almost no kind of criminal case that he hasn’t been involved with.


Based on his knowledge and experience, Attorney Noriega will assemble an airtight legal case on your behalf. He will do the utmost to ensure that you avoid jail time or criminal penalties or negotiate the best possible plea deal to minimize your legal exposure.

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